26 months - Activities

What we have on the shelf right now:

Cutting fruits

Lacing beads

That works wonder to keep him busy for 5 minutes while I cook!


Montessori monday!

Sample of activities for a  3 years old and a half!

Spooning between 3 bowls

Pouring between two jugs

Cleaning the table


Hammering set

This is a new addition to our Montessori shelves, a hammering set. Lily likes it a lot and uses it regurlary. She likes to do her own patterns but she's also able to follow the pictures provided with the set. We bought our set at http://www.absorbentminds,co.uk

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Such an easy and quick activity! Cheerios to thread on stick stuck in the playdough!

I love the look of concentration on big L face!

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300 pictures books challenge

It supposed to be a Monday post but we're late!

Here what we've been reading since last week. I don't change the books every week but these are new favorites.

Books for Little L

Petite taupe, ouvre moi ta porte - well it's a french book that has been offered to my daughter a few years ago. Now Little L found it and wants to read it all the time. He loves to see the wolf coming nearer and nearer page after page.

The story of the little Mole who knew it was none of his business: it's a classic and we love it! Big L read it to Little L who is fascinated by all the poos!
My first words, let's get talking! It was one of my daughter first books received at her first birthday. We love to name all the pictures.

We're going on a bear hunt: I tough Little L ( 2 years and 2 months) was too young for this book. He doesn't let me read it properly but he loves it when the bear appears and when we have to go quick quick through to come back home.

Books for Big L

She is still fascinated by the Bible stories so I found this one at TK Maxx for £3

Last week: 9 books
This week: 5 books
Total: 14 books
I might add the list of the other books we read for good measure next week (with no pictures and reviews just for the challenge then!)

I link it to Child-led Chaos challenge!


Windsor castle

Lors du week-end du Jubilee, nous avons fait une petite escape a Windsor!
Windsor et son chateau n'est qu'a une demi-heure de l'Ouest de Londres (ou nous habitons)

It was 3 years ago and hanging in my draft posts! It might please some of you!


Peeling an egg

From what age a child can he peel an egg?

Those pictures were taken when Little L was about 18 months old.

He couldn't wait to finish to peel the egg and started to eat it half-peeled!

And fun with the yolk!

Montessori Monday


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